No one ever said that a high-potential entrepreneur with a promising business idea is necessarily qualified to build a brilliant business alone.

So if we invest our money and yours in an entrepreneurial venture, it's our duty to help bring that entrepreneur's dream to life. And it's our fiduciary duty to ensure that the investment pays off. This requires not only sufficient capital, but also a high level of involvement on our part at every stage.

We encourage the entrepreneur to devote his time and effort to eliminating key risks upfront. We participate in weekly half-day meetings during the "drunken walk" phase. We help craft teams and help them succeed. We encourage capital efficiency and reasonable financings. We hit the road with the team to help secure early customers and partners. In a very real sense, we get under the young company's skin.

Beyond that, we mobilize our broad network of Strategic Limited Partners on the venture's behalf. It's an impressive and multi-talented group.