tI's a pretty easy thing for a firm like ours to solicit investments. It's a much harder thing for a firm like ours to solicit the right kind of investments from the right kind of people.

Our ambition is not to work with investors who are dizzied by the prospect of getting rich quick. They'd be better off investing in lottery tickets. Nor do we seek out investors who take a plodding, conservative approach. They'd be better off with T-bills.

We pursue individuals, families and institutions who recognize that when our ventures build fundamental value, even in tough markets, all will be rewarded handsomely over time.

In essence, we believe our investors are important collaborator in the incredibly exciting business of bringing the dreams of entrepreneurs to life. Yes, it involves risk. Yes, it can take time. But it's paid out before, and it can and will pay out again.

All it takes is an appetite for the game. And a mutual confidence. And the patience to play the game out to the final inning.