Meet Dave

Dave founded Tugboat to serve the highest potential entrepreneurs and their teams.

After earning a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and an MBA from Stanford´s Graduate School of Business, Dave found his way to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Texas Pacific Group Ventures, where he developed and incubated numerous successful investments. In 2003, Dave led the Series B financing of Successfactors and served on the board from then until 2011. During that period, Successfactors grew from $1MM in SAAS revenues to over $200M in revenues and increased in enterprise value by 150x. Other notable early stage investments that Dave either led or worked closely with include Amazon.com, Autotrader, Blue Nile, Business Signatures, Cranium, E.piphany, Google, Stella & Dot and Wedding Channel. Throughout, Dave was mentored by some of the best in the business, including Brook Byers, John Doerr, Bruce Dunlevie, Wally Hawley, Vinod Khosla and Dave Strohm.

Dave has been called a "serial entrepreneur." He has served as founding CEO of Good Technology, co-founder of Drugstore.com, co-founding board member of Newschools Venture Fund, and general manager and president of Optical Engineering, Inc. Dave also worked at Netscape, Hewlett Packard and Bain. Dave's non-profit work includes serving on the boards of Newschools Venture Fund and Charter Cities.

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January 26, 2012
Dave Whorton on Life Cycle Start-up Investing
by Peter Cohan
Dave Whorton has a near-perfect pedigree for Silicon Valley. And his Tugboat Ventures taps that pedigree to help about four start-ups a year to make the transition from an idea into a substantial business. » Read More

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January 13, 2012
Why startups shouldn't treat investors like trophies
By Dave Whorton
Entrepreneurs that look at raising capital simply as a badge of success are heading the wrong direction. They should be looking for long-term partners. A lot of young entrepreneurs are raising money from VCs and angels at sky-high valuations today. My question is, what are they really seeking? A pelt, or a partner? » Read More

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October 13, 2011
Will Facebook's IPO Mark The Beginning Of The End?
By Dave Whorton
Remember when Netscape went public in 1995, kicking off a torrent of investment in new Internet companies that lasted for five years? Well, now we’re waiting for another Netscape-caliber IPO: the first public stock offering by Facebook, which is expected to come sometime next year. The deal will no doubt value the company at tens of billions of dollars, or more, and make many, many people into multi-millionaires, if not billionaires. » Read More