We focus early, take time to develop conviction, then help tip the odds of success in our mutual favor.

We start with a "process of mutual discovery" where we take the time to get to know you and your idea. And you get to know us. By the end of this process, we will both have a clear sense of how we would work together and possibly even a couple new insights.

If we invest in your venture, it´s our duty to help bring your dream to life.

This requires not only sufficient capital, but also a high level of involvement on our part at every stage. We encourage you to devote the time, money and effort to eliminating key risks up front. We actively participate in the the "drunken walk" phase. We help you craft team. We encourage capital efficiency and reasonable financing. You can put us to work to help secure early customers and partners. We will mobilize our broad network of executives, founders, angels and venture capitalists on your behalf. And when you get stuck, call us.

It´s tempting for people like us to accept every interesting invitation to invest and serve on a board. We are determined to keep it down to five. Or if we're feeling especially ambitious, six. That way, we can be as helpful as possible to the teams we fund.