What We Look For

The vast majority of our investments are incubation through Series A. And there are two things that matter most to us -- the entrepreneur and the idea.

The people we fund must have the potential for entrepreneurial greatness. It´s a rare thing.

  • People with a deep passion for their business.
  • People who want to a build a team that can succeed together.
  • People who are endlessly inquisitive and boundlessly creative.
  • People who have a sense of urgency, but who still find the time to listen and the courage to adapt.
  • People whose confidence is balanced by a healthy dose of humility.
  • People who are guided by integrity, and who expect the same of those around them.
  • People who are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

These are entrepreneurs in the truest sense of the word.

The idea must allow for the creation of fundamental value.

  • Ideas that solve big unsolved (or emerging) problems, or address large, poorly served markets
  • Incorporate disruptive technologies and business models
  • Capital efficient businesses

Plus, located close enough for a day trip.